High-quality packaging machines

At Carbonation Techniques Ltd, we provide a wide range of packaging machines and palletisers from all leading manufacturers, including Fillpack, Mondo, and Scaglione. Our packaging mono blocks are suitable to erect cases, insert bottles and carton divisions, and close the top and bottom with tape.


  • Case magazine adjustable to different sizes
  • Case pick-up group with air vacuum system operated by Venturi. This system enables pick-up and opening of the case, closing short bottom flaps, and positioning it on a case conveyor
  • Transfer of open cases to the packing area on a conveyor with motorised bars
  • Motorised conveyor to feed the product on to a single row
  • A centring guide enables case centring for correct product entry into the case
  • Head holding carriage on two control axis, vertical and horizontal, with motorisation managed by inverter and positions managed by encoder
  • Touch screen display to manage machine functions, changeovers, warning errors
  • Machine management by Siemens PLC S7
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