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At Carbonation Techniques Ltd, we have over 45 years of experience in the bottling and brewing industry. We are one of the UK’s leading bespoke carbonation machines and premix carbonating equipment manufacturers.

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We have known the team at Carbonation Techniques for years now and have a good working relationship with them, so when we needed to upscale our kegging plant and carbonator, we went straight to them. Rob came over for a site visit to speak to us about what our requirements would be going forward. Following the meeting, Rob recommended the Enoveneta 5 head kegging machine paired with their Carbo 4000. So, we placed an order. From placing the order to the final installation, we could not believe how quick, easy and stress-free with only a few days of downtime when making the transition. Upon commissioning, we could already tell that the new equipment will save labour time and money, not to mention reducing CO2 costs. Rob, Chris and Wendy were all super and a pleasure to work with.


Production Manager of Great Yorkshire Brewery

We have known the staff at Carbonation Techniques for several years now and trust them to supply equipment that does what they say it will. They also maintain the bottling machine they sold us, which has been very reliable when we have had it. Any spares we need for the machine are usually on the shelf in Telford and arrive as early as the next morning. In our experience, Carbonation Techniques is a firm that can be relied upon – a rare thing in our experience in the bottling equipment supply industry! It was only after much searching that we found them. Please be assured that, for once, this is a firm that does know what I was doing with carbonating machines and equipment.


Chief Executive of Osel Enterprises Ltd

We’ve been dealing with Carbonation Techniques for a number of years now, they supplied the Carbonator that puts the fizz into our sparkling water here at Kingsdown Water.  Great company to work with, what you want from a supplier is quick, effective support if you hit issues, knowledgeable staff that you can rely on for information, and a real feeling that you are partners with them.  I can say that all those boxes are well and truly ticked, we’ve always worked together to solve any issues that we’ve hit and we’ve never had a problem that hasn’t been overcome. Recommended!


Chief Operations Officer of Kingsdown Water

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